The Right Length for You


Necklace length is a pet-peeve of mine.  How often have you put your jewelry on and said "if it was just a couple of inches shorter, it would be perfect"?  To solve the problem, I have done two things.  First, most of my necklaces are adjustable because they are made with a "Hook & Eye" closure.  The Hook-end can be put around the beads further down to shorten as much as 3 to 4 inches when needed.  This will leave a short beaded section hanging down behind your neck which is fine unless your hair is short and stops above your neckline.  I also have 4" sterling silver or 14Kt GF "necklace extender chains" (sold separately for just $4) which can be added to any necklace to lengthen it by 1-4 inches.  They are "Figure 8" chains to give you total adjustability anywhere along the 4 inches.  They are simple to attach by hooking the spring-ring onto the jumpring of the necklace clasp end.

Most beaded necklaces which are usually larger and worn over sweaters or with higher necklines are made to what is known as the "Matinee" length (see below) .  Most of mine range in the 18"-24" length.  Those that are meant to be chokers (such as those with multiple focal beads) are usually 15"-18".  Some have necklace extenders built right into them (check the individual descriptions).

Standard necklace sizes:

Collar: 12"-13" (usually multi-strand close to neck)
Choker: 14"-16"
(versatile, stops above collarbone)
Princess: 17"-19"
(usually worn with open collars and low and "V" necklines)
Matinee: 20"-24"
(most common length, usually worn with higher necklines and sweaters)
Opera: 28"-34"
(sometimes doubled as chokers)


Standard bracelet size is 7" for women, 8" for men.  Most bracelets I make are 7" or larger, usually 7 1/4" to 7 1/2" to account for larger beads in them which would decrease the inside diameter slightly.  If you normally wear a 7" gold chain-type bracelet, you should be able to wear the 7" to 7 1/2"  beaded bracelets.  If larger, I would recommend the 7 3/4" to 8" size ones.  I will restring a bracelet longer or shorter if needed for an additional $5 (assuming I have more matching beads if you need it longer).  Please state your request in the "Special Instructions" space on the checkout form.


Earrings are for pierced ears and either dangle from earwires (noted on the item's Description page as "Drops" or "Loops") or are beaded on hoops (noted as "Hoops")--see picture at left for samples.  Hoop earrings cannot be changed.  However, Drop or Loop type earrings can be made with Leverbacks, French-wires or Ball-Post (posts w/separate earnuts) findings  (see picture on the right for earwire examples).  I make most of them with Leverbacks because they are so easy to use, more secure, and don't require a separate earnut to keep them on (or get lost in your jewelry box!).  I use Ball-posts when the gold or silver ball matches the set better. Ball-posts will shorten the length of earrings by about 1/2", so if it says they are 2" Drops, they will be 1 1/2" Drops if changed. If you prefer different ear-wires than what is shown, please state so on the "Special Instructions" space on the checkout form.   


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