Jus' Moseyin' - WEEK 3

Tues-Thus, January 22-24: Valdosta, GA

JaxZoo_MeerkatJaxZoo_GorillaWe stopped at the Jacksonville Zoological Gardens on our way to Valdosta,  GA.  Our favorite new friend is a Silverback Gorilla who came right up to us and couldn't stop posing for us several camera shots.  Of course our old favorite is the Meerkat because it reminds us so much of Stinky, our ferret, who's in good hands with Karen and Jennifer back home (thanks guys and kisses to Stinky!)

PebbleHill    We stayed for 3 nites at Eagles Roost Campground with full amenities.  We settled in Tuesday nite, grabbed dinner at Sonny's BBQ (where they have  all-u-can-eat pork & beef  BBQ), then watched some real TV since we had cable now.  Wednesday, we spent some time sightseeing in the small town of Valdosta, then drove to Thomasville in Thomas County, GA, about 50 miles away to tour the amazing Pebble Hill Plantation.  The original home on PebbleHilll_NoahsArk this plantation was built in c.1820 by Thomas Jefferson Johnson but destroyed by fire in the 1930's, then rebuilt by the Hanna family under the direction of architect Abram Garfield, son of President Garfield.  The house is all brick (the main house was  painted white) and has 18 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, 2 dining  rooms, several living, sitting & smoking rooms, library, and original furnishings, collections and artwork throughout,  including whole-wall murals in two rooms.  There were  many  separate brick buildings on the grounds, including a pool and pool house, PebbleHilll_Stables kitchen, laundry room, carriage house, little 2-room schoolhouse, church, garage (with a 1934 Packard & a 1948 Lincoln in it) huge stables, a cow barn & dairy, nurse's house (who cared for & treated the animals), kennels and dog hospital, and even a fire engine house.  There was even a large Noah's Ark which had originally been built as a bath house and housed paintings of the animals of the Ark inside (the same artist painted incredible wildlife murals for every wall of one of the rooms inside the Main House).   

Thursday, we were off to Wild Adventures amusement park to check out their seven roller coasters!  Despite the fact that it was a gorgeous Georgia day of about 80 degrees and sunny, there were never more than 12 people in the whole park...it was like having our own amusement park!  We were able to get right on their biggest roller coasters several times, without waiting in any line, and always sat in the first seat (or last depending on what kind it was) every time.  We could just stay on and ride again too!  But the funniest part was that there was only one ride operator for every 3-4 rides and they would follow you to whatever you wanted to get on next.  It was an interesting and day!  

Fri , January 25, 2002: Back to Baltimore

 We had to postpone our trip and return to Baltimore for a little while for a family emergency.  But we'll be hopefully moseyin' again soon!