Our Motorhome

Georgie Boy CustomOur home for this trip is a 25’ Georgie Boy ‘Custom’ with a rear bedroom, a separate bathroom with a tub/shower, and a center kitchen area with a dinette. Having lots of storage space let’s us take everything we need if we’re careful, eat out a lot, and don’t dress up too much.  Bonnie did manage to find room for three square dance outfits (and 3 crinolines!).  She’s also taking her wire-wrapping supplies for lazy days.  I’m taking my tennis racquet in case I run into any tennis players looking for a partner, and my running shoes.

computer centerWe replaced the built-in television, previously located between the driver and passenger seat, with a wonderful computer center that a friend built for us (thanks Ed!).  It houses a laptop PC on a slide out tray and an Epson photo printer below. A GPS system attached to the laptop works with a nationwide laptop mapping program to let us know exactly where we are and how to get to where we want to go. A cell phone, a wireless cell phone modem, a nationwide ISP service and a nearly unlimited local and long distance calling plan provide Internet and email access anywhere in the comfort of our motorhome, albeit at a barely tolerable data speed of 19Kbs. Whenever possible, we use the faster dial-up connections available at modem-friendly campgrounds to send emails and update this website.