Our Cross-Country Trip

Jusí Moseyiní Across America!

†† Tuesday it was pouring when we woke (only the second day of rain since we left though), so we waited for a reprieve, then went to Old Town Orange to browse through the antique and gift shops.We had lunch at Watsonís Drug Store, the only business in continuous operation since itís opening in 1899.There were old posters on the walls, waitresses in 50ís attire, an old jukebox and an old-fashioned soda-fountain menu to match.We hit a few more shops, and then back to the RV to prepare for our departure tomorrow.

Wed-Thurs, February 26-27: Santa Monica, CA

We headed northwest to Santa Monica along the coastline and stopped at the Redondo Beach Pier on the way.It was our first opportunity to see the Pacific Ocean, even if it was too chilly at 60 degrees to jump in.The water looked much bluer-green than the Atlantic Ocean to us, and the public beach was not nearly as commercialized as our Ocean City area.

We took a picture of this plaque in Palisades Park in Santa Monica.It dedicates Highway 66 to Will Rogers who traveled the road from Oklahoma to make his home here in California where he went on to become a legend in films.His 186-acre property is now a State park.Some say Route 66 ended a few streets north; others say it went all the way to end of Santa Monica Boulevard where the park is now.We walked along the promenade and to the Santa Monica Pier that became a historic landmark in 1975.

Then we drove up Santa Monica Boulevard (Historic Route 66) to Beverly Hills and walked along Rodeo Drive, checked out the homes of the rich and famous, drove by Paramount Studios (which took up 10 city blocks!) and others and continued along 66 past Dodgers Stadium.Basically, we learned that Route 66 is pretty much citified in LA and the same as any other big city, USA (that we donít like much).We finished our driving tour by going up to the Bridge over the Arroyo Seco, then had dinner at Mimiís Cafť on our way back home.

Thursday we took a day off to rest, did some shopping and chores and prepared for our departure on Friday.Except for some rain and the fact that we hate big cities, it was a pretty nice week in Anaheim and Los Angelos.

Fri, February 28: Valencia, CA